Rain Water

Rainwater Harvesting
Water is an expensive and precious resource, by harvesting any rain water ( and let’s face it we get a lot in the UK) you can reduce you bills and reduce your C02 emissions. You don’t need quality drinking water to water the garden, clean your car, power wash the patio, flush the toilet or top up your pond.

Rainwater can be delivered any where via pipe work and even uphill using pumps. Rainwater Harvesting can be anything from the installation of a water butt to a fully pumped rain water harvesting systems with tanks buried in the ground.

You can recycle rainwater to use in your washing machine or to flush toilets and WCs and gardeners advise that plants much prefer natural rainwater to chemical mains water – and it costs a lot less.

Mains water is of drinking quality, but just think how much actual water you use in your house that is not required to be of drinking quality.

Wastewater from all sources in a property other than toilets is known as Greywater. A Greywater recycling system will collect and treat wastewater from showers, baths and wash basins (excluding the more contaminated water from washing machines, kitchen sinks and dishwashers) allowing you to re-use the water to flush toilets, water gardens and sometimes feed washing machines. Basically nearly anything other than water fit for drinking.

Greywater recycling systems can be installed in new or existing buildings and have the potential to meet a significant proportion of domestic demand for water.

Gutter Installation and Maintenance
It is important that your gutters are maintained properly as water can cause damp and serious damage to your home, resulting in big repair bills. We can prevent this with one of repairs to a complete system replacement.

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