Power Flush

A Powerflush is a clean of your central heating system, boiler, pipes, radiators and pumps. In short a clean of anything that you heating system runs through.

Over time scale, sludge and corrosion will build up in boilers, pipe work and radiators, gradually reducing the central heating system efficiency. In fact a dirty central heating system can increase fuel costs by as much as 35%.

When installing a new heating system or replacing and existing boiler a powerflush is essential. A power flush is capable of removing 85% of the contaminants and debris from a central heating system which will result in lower fuel bills and prolong the life of your central heating system and boiler.

Advantages of a Power Flush
• Increased efficiency – the less sludge in a system the more efficient it will be
• More reliable system – less sludge, less wear and tear and therefore increase system life and reliability
• Savings – a more reliable system means you are not having to pay out on repair bills and extra fuel

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